UN Global Union Passport

07 Nov 2023
Aspyee Admin
Good Practice
UN Global Union Passport
UNI Global Union Passport

UNI Global Union is a global federation for skills and services sector workers. It brings together more than 900 national and regional trade unions and represents over 20 million workers. The UNI Global Union Passport scheme is designed to provide professionals and managers working in countries other than their own with direct access to a number of services offered by UNI-affiliated unions in other countries. Passports are available in several languages and are obtained from UNI-affiliated unions in the country of origin. In the country of destination, UNI-affiliates offer newly arrived UNI Passport holders a range of services that can include access to their mailing lists for information and invitations to cultural and political events, access to working groups dealing with professional issues, information on working conditions, banking, taxes, housing, schools, health care, advice on employment issues, and legal support. In short, this innovative practice helps ensure that skilled migrant workers are able to maintain trade union membership and benefit from its associated support while abroad.