Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training for Women (ATVET4W) improves employment prospects, especially for women in agriculture through gender-transformative skills development in six AU member states: Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Togo.

As a component under the Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA), AVTVET4W aims to increase women's access to quality TVET offerings, including competency-based training for agricultural value chains. ATVET4W also addresses gender norms and stereotypes to dismantle structural inequalities for women in entrepreneurship and employment. Training components such as Gender makes Business Sense (GmBS) equips entrepreneurs with practical business management skills, financial know-how and an understanding of gender dynamics in business. 

To date, over 13,900 people have benefited from quality agricultural TVET offerings, 22 partner institutions have introduced gender guidelines and 17 provide gender-sensitive training, thereby creating a strong foundation for women’s empowerment.