Gender Transformative Change in Practice

25 Oct 2021
Aspyee Admin
Gender Transformative Change in Practice

The Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training for Women (ATVET4W) project, which is implemented in six countries in Africa – Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Togo – aims not only to increase women’s access to skills development offers, but also to benefit and empower women. To achieve this, gender-transformative pilot initiatives have been set up in all six countries. Being gender-transformative means that interventions focus on actively questioning established norms and gender stereotypes and on dismantling existing structural inequalities.

The aim of this booklet is to showcase what gender-transformative approaches in ATVET look like in practice. Six examples from the partner countries outline how meaningful and transformative change for women’s empowerment can be achieved in the agricultural sector. It does this by explaining the distinctions between the reach-benefit-empower principle as well as the four quadrants of change, then goes further to illustrate how the various ATVET4W initiatives triggered lasting change for women in agriculture. The booklet also shares impact stories from women who participated in the initiatives. The booklet is in the form of an interactive pdf and a ready-for-print version.

For more information contact: Miriam Heidtmann